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Special Annuity Reporting Series – Report #1

Index Compendium

A close look at Kimberly Lankford’s 2010 Kiplinger’s Finance Magazine annuity article and what it meant for you 10 years ago.


Special Annuity Reporting Series – Report #2

Index Compendium

Index annuities are purchased by consumers that don’t want to read the paper each day to see if they’re winners or losers, because with index annuities they know they are never losers.


Special Annuity Reporting Series – Report #3

Index Compendium

Examine the facts on index annuities’ competitive performance in times of both high and low interest, and rising and falling stock markets.


Retirement Optimal Asset Allocation

Putnam Investments

Once an individual has retired, asset allocation becomes a critical investment decision. Unfortunately, there is no consensus on what the optimal allocation should be for retirees of varying age, gender, and risk tolerance.


Retirement Income


When would you rather lose money? That question might sound odd, since a casual reader’s reaction is likely to be “never.” But the fact is that when you are investing in the stock market over long periods of time, experiencing a bear market (down market) is an inevitable fact of financial life.


Retirees Need Fewer Stocks, More Annuities

Market Watch

Fewer stocks, more annuities. That, in essence, is the advice gleaned from two just-published reports for the benefit of those living in or approaching retirement.


Fixed Indexed Annuities and the Small Business Owner


Many business owners rely on the success of their business as their sole source of income and retirement savings. Normally, financial advisers recommend diversifying portfolios among stocks and bonds.


Ben Bernakke, The Chairman of the United States Federal Reserve, Holds Annuities

FOX News

The chairman’s financial disclosure form, released Tuesday, showed that Bernanke is a millionaire, with holdings last year in no-frills investments, including U.S. Treasury securities, mutual funds and annuities.


One vs. 114 Complaints

Senior Market Advisor

My annual study on index annuity complaints shows on a sales volume adjusted-basis, annuity complaints have fallen 75 percent since 2007.